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User Care Manual

Avoid contact with the following:
1. Contact with perfume, cosmetics, cream, sun lotion, or any other beauty products.
2. Exposure to humid environments (such as bathrooms whilst showering).
3. Contact with chemicals (cleaning agents/ soap).
4. Prolonged exposure to sunlight.
5. Wearing our watches during sports, or while sleeping.
6. Contact with hard/ rough materials.

General care information
Clean the watch gently with a clean, dry, and soft cloth only. Cloths containing dirt, sand or dust particles can lead to scratches and should be avoided.

Water resistance
Please see the back of your watch case to check the ATM value & refer to the table below for further information. This table is only applicable to the watch case.

Always avoid contact with hot water. For 10 ATM watches: Rinse with clear tap water after swimming or exposure to salt water or chlorine pools.

Leather straps
Please note that, as with all real leather products, our leather straps are subject to signs of wearing overtime. To get the most out of your leather straps avoid any contact with water and do not wear during exercise. All of the previous care instructions also apply to the care of your leather straps.
These care instructions do not act as proof of purchase, an original receipt is needed for all warranty claims. For full warranty terms, and our full terms & conditions, please see our page.

Setting the time
2 or 3 hand without date function
1. Pull the crown into position B.
2. Turn the crown to set the time.
3. Push the crown back to position A.

Setting the time and date
2 or 3 hand with date function
1. Pull the crown into position B.
2. Turn the crown to set the date.
3. To set the time, pull the crown to position C and turn.
4. Push the crown back to position A.